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RebLaw 2017 Conference at Yale Law School – Reader

Introduction from Professor Gerald P. López:

The written work originating, enriching, and commenting upon Rebellious Lawyering is now large – including professional, journalistic, social media, and scholarly contributions.  What I’ve tried to do in developing these readings is to identify some of the vital publications a newcomer might find helpful in understanding this vision of problem solving, of which lawyering is but one important practice.  But my definition of what “a newcomer might find helpful” is likely idiosyncratic.  That’s particularly true because I have included many publications by others that I reread time and again, not just with students and lawyers I train, but entirely on my own.  Each time I return I find myself discovering and rediscovering important themes and insights.  What I hope newcomers find illuminating certainly reflects what an old-hand still keenly studies.

The Table of Contents is in chronological order, and absorbing the publications in this way helps to understand how the story has unfolded.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me (lopez@law.ucla.edu).  Congratulations on the incredible work you and all those before you have done in organizing over the years the Yale Rebellious Lawyering Conference. I hope to see you there again very soon.

Gerald P. López

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Table of Contents (in chronological order):

Gerald P. López, Lay Lawyering, 32 UCLA L. REV. 1 (1984) (1984)

Richard Abel, Lawyers and the Power to Change, 7 Law & Pol’y 5 (1985)

Richard Abel, Law without Politics: Legal Aid Under Advanced Capitalism, 32 UCLA L. Rev 474 (1985)

Gerald P. López, The Idea of a Constitution in the Chicano Tradition, 37 J. Legal Educ. 162 (1987)

Lucie White, Mobilization on the Margins of the Lawsuit: Making Space for Client to Speak, 16 N.Y.U Rev. L & Soc. Change 535 (1988)

Gerald P. López, Training Future Lawyers to Work with the Politically and Socially Subordinated – Anti-Generic Legal Education 91 W. Va. L. Rev. 305 (1989)

Gerald P. López, The Work We Know So Little About, 42 Stan. L. Rev. 1 (1989)

Duncan Kennedy, The Liberal Administrative Style, 41 Syracuse Law Review 801 (1990)

Lucie White, Subordination, Rhetorical Survival Skills, and Sunday Shoes: Notes on the Hearing of Mrs. G, 38 Buff. L. Rev. 1 (1990)

Lucie E. White, Representing “The Real Deal,” 45 U. Miami L. Rev. 271 (1991)

Ann Shalleck, Constructions of the Client Within Legal Education, 45 Stan. L. Rev. 1731 (1993)

Dale Minami, Guerrilla War at UCLA: Political and Legal Dimensions of the Tenure Battle, 16 AMERASIA 81 (1990)

Duncan Kennedy, The Stakes of Law: Or Hale and Foucault!, 15 Legal Stud. Forum 327 (4) (1991)

Regina Austin, “The Black Community,” Its Lawbreakers, and a Politics of Identification, 65 S. Cal L. Rev. 1769 (1992)

Gerald P. López, Rebellious Lawyering – One Chicano’s Vision of Progressive Law Practice (1992) (Excerpts Include Introduction; Chapter 2 A Non-Profit Law Office In Transition; and Chapter 5 Beyond Orthodox Organizing

Bill Ong Hing, Raising Personal Identification Issues of Class, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Physical Disability, and Age in Lawyering Courses, 45 Stan. L. Rev. 1807 (1993)

Gerald P. Lopez, Economic Development in the “Murder Capital of the Nation”, 60 Tenn. L. Rev. 685 (1993)

Duncan Kennedy, “Neither the Market Nor the State: Housing Privatization Issues,” G. Alexander & G. Skapska, eds., A Fourth Way? Privatization, Property, and the Emergence of New Market Economies (Routledge, 1994)

William Quigley, Reflections of Community Organizers: Lawyering for Empowerment of Community Organizations 21 OHIO N.U. L. REV. 455 (1994)

Gary Bellow & Jeanne Charn, Paths Not Yet Taken: Some Comments on Feldman’s Critique of Legal Services Practice, 83 Geo. L. J. 1633 (1995)

Gary Bellow, Steady Work: A Practitioner’s Reflections on Political Lawyering (1996)

Paul Butler, Racially Based Jury Nullification: Black Power in the Criminal Justice System, 105 Yale L.J. 677 (1996)

Gerald P. Lopez, An Aversion to Clients: Loving Humanity and Hating Human Beings, 31 Harv. C.R.-C.L. L. Rev. 315 (1996)

Clyde Spillenger, Elusive Advocate: Reconsidering Brandeis as People’s Lawyer, 105 YALE L.J. 1445 (1996)

Kim Taylor-Thompson, Individual Actor v. Institutional Player: Alternative Vision of the Public Defender, 84 Geo. L. J. 2419 (1996)

Duncan Kennedy, The Paradox of American Critical Legalism, 3 European Law Journal 359 (4) (1997)

Ann Shalleck, Theory and Experience in Constructing the Relationship Between Lawyer and Client: Representing Women Who Have Been Abused, 64 Tenn. L. Rev. 1019 (1997)

Kim Taylor-Thompson, The Politics of Common Ground, 111 Harv. L. Rev. 1306 (reviewing RANDALL KENNEDY, RACE, CRIME, AND THE LAW) (1997)

Kim Taylor-Thompson, Taking Public Defense to the Streets, Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law

Lucie W. White, “Democracy” in Development Practice: Essays on a Fugitive Themes, 64 Tenn L. Rev. 1073 (1997)

Ingrid Eagly, Community Education: Creating a New Vision of Legal Services Practice, 4 Clinical L. Rev. 433 (1998)

Shauna I. Marshall, Walking the Walk: An Affirmative Action Plan for Moving Welfare Parents into the Workplace, 9 Stan. L. & Pol’y Rev. 77 (1998)

Dean Hill Rivkin, Lawyering, Power, and Reform: The Legal Campaign to Abolish the Broad Form Mineral Deed, 66 TENN. L. REV. 467 (1999)

Shauna I. Marshall, Mission Impossible? Ethical Community Lawyering 7 Clinical L. Rev. 147 (2000)

Ascanio Piomelli, Appreciating Collaborative Lawyering, 6 CLINICAL L. REV. 427 (2000)

Regina Austin, “Step on a Crack, Break Your Mother’s Back”: Poor Moms, Myths of Authority, and Drug-Related Evictions from Public Housing, 14 Yale J. L. Feminism 273 (2002)

Duncan Kennedy, “The Critique of Rights in Critical Legal Studies,” in Brown and Halley, eds., Left Legalism/Left Critique (Duke University Press 2002)

Duncan Kennedy, “The Social Justice Element in Legal Education in the United States,” The Sir Elwyn Jones Lecture, Bangor (March 19, 2002)

Francisco Valdes, Outsider Jurisprudence, Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice Activism: Marking the Stirrings of Critical Legal Education, 10 Asian L.J. 65 (2003)

Regina Austin, “The Same of it All”: Stigma and the Political Disenfranchisement of Formerly Convicted and Incarcerated Persons, 36 Columbia Hum. Rts. L. R. 173 (2004)

Bill Ong Hing, Rebellious Lawyering, Settlement, and Reconciliation: Soko Bukai v. YWCA, 5 Nevada Law Journal 172 (2004).

Jerry Kang, Denying Prejudice: Internment, Redress, and Denial, 51 UCLA L. Rev. 933 (2004)

Gerald P. López, Shaping Community Problem Solving Around Community Knowledge, 79 N.Y.U. L. REV. 59 (2004)

Ascanio Piomelli, Foucault’s Approach to Power: Its Allure and Limits for Collaborative Lawyering, UTAH L. REV. 395 (2004)

Michelle Tseching Fei & Gerald P. Lopez, Learning How Regularly to Improve Our Capacity to Meet the Challenges of Asian and Pacific Islander Reentry, 31 Amerasia Journal 61 (2005)

Jerry Kang, Trojan Horses of Race, 118 HARV. L. REV. 1489 (2005)

Gerald P. López, Reentry Guide New York City – the Center for Community Problem Solving’s Guide to the Incarcerated and those living with criminal convictions (2005)

Stephen Carpenter, The Relevance of Family Farms Today (2006)

Ascanio Piomelli, The Democratic Roots of Collaborative Lawyering 12 Clinical L. Rev. 541 (2006)

Muneer I. Ahmad, Interpreting Communities: Lawyering Across Language Difference, 54 UCLA L. REV. 999 (2007)

Anthony V. Alfieri, Faith in Community: Representing “Colored Town”, 95 Cal. L. Rev. 1829 (2007)

Paul Butler, Much Respect: Toward a Hip-Hop Theory of Punishment, 56 Stanford Law Review 983 (2007)

Laura E. Gómez, Manifest Destinies: The Making of the Mexican American Race 1 (2007).

Bill Ong Hing, Coolies, James Yen and Rebellious Advocacy 14 Asian Am. L.J, 1 (2007)

Christine Zuni Cruz, [On The] Road Back In: Community Lawyering in Indigenous Communities, 5 Clinical Law Review 557 (2007)

Sameer Ashar, Law Clinics and Collective Mobilization (2008)

Alina Ball, An Imperative Redefinition of “Community”: Incorporating Reentry Lawyers to Increase the Efficacy of Community Economic Development Initiative, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 1883 (2008)

George Bisharat, Maximizing Rights: The One State Solution to the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, 8 Global Jurist 2 (2008)

Bill Ong Hing, Legal Services Support Centers and Rebellious Advocacy: A Case Study of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center,” 28 Journal of Law and Policy 266 (2008)

Jerry Kang, Dodging Responsibility: The Story of Hirabayashi v. United States, in RACE LAW STORIES (DEVON CARBADO & RACHEL MORAN, EDS. 2008).

Mona Tawatao, Colin Bailey, Gary Smith, and Bill Kennedy, Instituting a Race-Conscious Practice in Legal Aid: One Program’s Effort, 42 Clearinghouse Review: Journal of Poverty Law and Policy 48 (1-2) (2008)

Noah D. Zatz, Working at the Boundaries of Markets: Prison Labor and the Economic Dimension of Employment Relationships, 61 Vand. L. Rev. 857 (2008)

Anthony V. Alfieri, Against Practice, 107 Mich. L. Rev. 1073 (2009)

Regina Austin, Women’s Unequal Citizenship and the Border: Lessons from Three Nonfiction Films about the Women of Juárez, Public Law and Legal Theory Research Paper Series, Research Paper No. #09-41 (2009)

George Bisharat, Mobilizing Palestinians in Support of One State, 2 Contemporary Arab Affairs 4 (2009)

Gerald López, Changing Systems, Changing Ourselves, 12 Harv. Latino L. Rev. 15 (2009)

Regina Austin, Ed Baker, Colleague, 12 U. Pa. J. Const. L. 939 (2010)

Asli Bâli & Aziz Rann, American Overreach: Strategic Interests and Millennial Ambitions in the Middle East, 15 Geopolitics 210 (2010)

Ingrid V. Eagly, Prosecuting Immigration, 104 NW. U. L. Rev. 1281 (2010)

Kevin R. Johnson, How Racial Profiling Became the Law of the Land: United States v. Brignoni-Ponce and Whren v. United States and the Need for Truly Rebellious Lawyering, 98 GEO. L.J. 1005 (2010)

Jerry Kang & Kristin Lane, Seeing Through Colorblindness: Implicit Bias and the Law, 58 UCLA L. REV. 465 (2010)

William (Bill) Kennedy, Emily Fisher, and Colin Bailey, Framing in Race-Conscious Antipoverty Advocacy: A Science-Based Guide to Delivering Your Most Persuasive Message, 43 Clearinghouse Review: Journal of Poverty Law and Policy 408 (9-10) (2010)

Michelle Alexander, “I’m a Criminal and So Are You,” CNN Opinion (May 19, 2010)

Michelle Alexander, “America’s New Jim Crow System,” The Guardian (March 31, 2011)

Michelle Alexander, The New Jim Crow, 9 Ohio St. J. Crim. L. 7 (2011).

Michelle Alexander, “What Will America Be? Mass Incarceration and the Threat to the American Experiment,” All-in Nation: An America That Works for All

Ingrid V. Eagly, Local Immigration Prosecution: A Study of Arizona Before SB 1070, 58 UCLA L. Rev. 1749 (2011)

Gerald P. López, Reentry Guide Los Angeles — the Center for Community Problem Solving’s Guide to the Incarcerated and those living with criminal convictions (2011)

Margaret Martin Berry et al Teaching Social Justice Lawyering: Systematically Including Community Legal Education in All Law School Clinics (2012)

George Bisharat, Introduction to “Litigating Palestine: Can Courts Secure Palestinian Rights?”, 35 Hastings Int’l & Comp. L. Rev. 91 (2012)

Bill Ong Hing, Immigration Sanctuary Policies: Constitutional and Representative of Good Policing and Good Public Policy, 2 U.C. IRVINE L. REV. 247 (2012)

Bill Ong Hing, Like It or Not, Arizona’s SB 1070 Is About Racial Profiling, HUFFINGTON POST (Apr. 27, 2012), http://www.huffingtonpost.com/bill-ong-hing/arizona-immigration-law_b_1457435.html

Gerald P. López (Art by Andrea Matsuoka), Don’t We Like Them Illegal? 45 UC Davis L. J 1711 (2012)

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Michelle Alexander, Keynote Speech at AFSC Dinner (2013)

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George Bisharat, Volence’s Law: Israel’s Campaign to Transform International Legal Norms, 42 Journal of Palestine Studies 68 (2013)

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Gerald P. López, The Health of Undocumented Mexicans in New York City, 32 Chicana/o Latina/o L. Rev. 1 (2013)

Ascanio Piomelli, Sensibilities for Social Justice Lawyers, 10 Hastings Race & Poverty Law Journal 177 (2013)

George Bisharat, “International Court Should Take Up Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” Mercury News (July 18, 2014)

Gerald P. López, How Mainstream Reformers Design Ambitious Reentry Programs Doomed to Fail and Destined to Reinforce Targeted Mass Incarceration and Social Control 11 Hastings Race & Poverty L. J. 1 (2014)

Amna Akbar, Law’s Exposure: The Movement and the Legal Academy (2015)

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