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Rebellious Lawyering and ILRC Immigration Law Reader and Online Library


“This LibGuide reflects the efforts of reference librarian June Kim, research assistant Tara Kearns, and law professor Gerald López. It began as a guide for those on-the-ground problem solvers facing–and those researchers interested in–Arizona’s recently passed immigration law, SB 1070, but has evolved into a resource bank for all people interested in learning more about SB 1070 and its content, context, origins, justifications, responses, and possible consequences.

We began by tracking the responses to SB 1070, both challenging its provisions (lawsuits, boycotts, and protests) and imitating them (copycat states and anti-immigrant ordinances). We then added content on Arizon’s demographics and historical background relating to race relations and the treatment of immigrants for people seeking to understand the broader context of SB 1070. All of these primary topic areas are included in the top level of pages, or tabs, you will see at the top of each LibGuide screen. Finally, we added a variety of immigration-related sources, which can be found in the second and third level pages/tabs.

This LibGuide contains lots, so we encourage readers to begin by clicking on a topical tab of interest and browsing the page for links to court documents, news articles, journal articles, opinion pieces, memos, letters, reports, factsheets, webpages, and other resources. We update this guide regularly, especially by adding news articles to the “News/Media” page and recent events to the lawsuits box of the “Responses to S.B. 1070″ page.”

Visit the Rebellious Lawyering and ILRC Immigration Law Reader and Online Library here, courtesy of the UCLA School of Law Library.


Following is the table of contents from the reader and online library:

  1. Home
  2. News/Media
  3. Responses to S.B. 1070
  4. Arizona
  5. Individuals & Organizations
  6. Copycat States & Anti-Immigrant Ordinances
  7. Immigration Resources
  8. Secure Communities
  9. Community Immigrant Organizations
  10. Nationwide Immigrant Rights Organizations
  11. Comprehensive Immigration Reform
  12. Birthright Citizenship
  13. The Border
  14. ColorBlind & ColorConscious
  15. Rebellious Lawyering
  16. Law Enforcement
  17. Costs/Effects
  18. Lives of the Undocumented
  19. New Mexico
  20. Alabama
  21. Georgia
  22. Indiana
  23. Utah
  24. South Carolina
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