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Mona Tawatao, Rebellious Lawyer

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Mona Tawatao is a Rebellious Lawyer.


Mona Tawatao is a Senior Litigator at Western Center on Law and Poverty with 23 years of legal services experience pursuing health, housing, land use and civil rights litigation and advocacy throughout California.  Her focus is on health law litigation to ensure that low income people have access to quality health care.  She was a regional counsel for 12 years with Legal Services of Northern California where she oversaw its major land use and housing litigation and advocacy and was co-creator and coordinator of its Race Equity Project.   In her decade at Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, Mona focused on affordable housing development and preservation.  Mona received her J.D. from UCLA School of Law in 1986 after which she clerked for the Honorable Consuelo B. Marshall in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.  Mona has been a visiting professor at UC Davis School of Law and serves on the boards of the Equal Justice Society and the Advisory Editorial Board of the Clearinghouse Review, among others.


Here are links about just some of Mona Tawatao’s Rebellious Lawyering work:




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