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The Best New York Dog Adoption Shelters

The Best New York Dog Adoption Shelters

Dogs help us more than we help them. Consider adopting, fostering, volunteering or donating.



Click here for Animal Haven

“Animal Haven is a nonprofit organization that finds homes for abandoned cats and dogs throughout the Tri-State area [New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut], and provides behavior intervention when needed to improve chances of adoption.  Founded in 1967, we operate an animal shelter in Manhattan. We also provide programs that enhance the bond between animals and people.”



Click here for Mighty Mutts

“We are an all-volunteer, no-kill organization dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating the strays of New York City. Each day, thousands of stray dogs and cats are forced to live in our city’s streets and alleyways, crawling about these desolate areas for refuge. Alone, starving, and in desperate need of veterinary care, these poor creatures struggle day by day for their very lives. Most are not spayed or neutered and will go on to bring many other puppies / kittens into their harsh world.  Mighty Mutts is driven to help change all of this.”

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