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ILRC: Special Considerations for LGBTQ Immigrants

The ILRC provides guidance to LGBTQ immigrants.

“How to Best Prepare.  If you or a loved one are not a U.S. citizen (even if you are a legal permanent resident), take the time now to create a preparedness plan for your family in case one of you is detained and/or deported. This plan should include ensuring important government and health documents are accessible by another family member, emergency contacts are shared with those you trust, and instructions for care and an affidavit designating a care giver for any children you have are documented. Always have on hand the contact information of a legal service provider in case of emergency.”

“In case of contact with immigration authorities, do not answer any questions or provide personal information. If immigration authorities come to your home, keep your door closed and do not open it at all unless the authorities can show you a warrant with your name on it that is signed by a judge. They almost never have a warrant like that. If you are detained, do not sign anything you don’t understand. Ask to speak with a lawyer and for a hearing before an immigration judge. Be sure to keep materials explaining your rights, like ILRC’s red cards, easily accessible to read aloud or to pass to immigration authorities or police if immigration authorities were to attempt to enter your home or approach you on the street.”

Download ILRC’s Special Considerations for LGBTQ Immigrants here.